Board of directors

Board of directors

The C-BRTA’s board of directors is tasked with overseeing the activities of the agency. In terms of section 23 of the Cross-Border Road Transport Act, the board’s functions are to:

  • Advise the Minister of Transport on any aspect related to cross-border road transport policy
  • Regulate access to the market by the road transport freight and passenger industry in respect of cross-border road transport by issuing permits
  • Undertake road transport law enforcement
  • Facilitate the:
    • Establishment of cooperative and consultative relationships and structures between public- and private-sector institutions with an interest in cross-border road transport
    • Collection, processing and dissemination of relevant information
    • Provision of training and capacity building, and the promotion of entrepreneurship – particularly in respect of small, medium and micro-enterprises with an interest in cross-border road transport
M Ramathe 1761

Mr Moss Ramathe

Chairperson of the Board
J Havenga 1913

Prof. Jan Havenga

Deputy Chairperson
Mr Sipho Khumalo Ceo 2016 Mac

Mr Sipho Khumalo

Chief Executive Officer
K Mahlangu 1964

Ms Keitumetse Mahlangu

Non-executive Director
L Thekisho 1885

Mr Lucky Thekisho

Non-executive Director
R Baloyi 1751

Mr Raymond Baloyi

Non-executive Director
I Sekonyela 1893

Ms Ignatia Sekonyela

Non-executive Director

Mr Msondezi Futshane

Non-executive Director (shareholder representative)