Who We Are

The Cross-Border Road Transport Agency’s (C-BRTA) exists to improve the flow of passengers and freight by road transport in the region; to introduce regulated competition in cross-border road transport; to reduce operational constraints for the cross-border road transport industry as a whole to enhance transport trade facilitation; to provide oversight and monitoring functions, and to build industry partnerships to strategically reposition the C-BRTA.


The champion of free-flowing inter-state operations


We spearhead the unimpeded flow of inter-state operations thereby facilitating sustainable social and economic development


  • Integrity – We are professional, honest fair and do not tolerate crime, fraud and corruption
  • Transparency – We are open and accountable in our interactions with our stakeholders and staff
  • Reliability – We are dependable, trustworthy and value our customers
  • Efficiency – We are innovative and passionate about performance
  • Effectiveness – We achieve our set goals and objectives with desired outcomes
  • Social responsibility – We seek to contribute towards the greater good of our country and continent by supporting social development and economic growth

The C-BRTA Strategy is being executed through the implementation of five (5) key strategic projects which are linked to our strategic goals and which recognise other policy development imperatives in our operational environment. These five (5) strategic projects serve as a vehicle, which assists the C-BRTA to reach its strategic and repositioning goals.

The importance of organisational capability is emerging as a key thrust in the implementation of the Changing Gears Strategy. Various initiatives have been implemented to promote organisational performance and conduct a litmus test on the organisational culture.

Strategic Objectives

To improve its business processes, the C-BRTA adopted the following ten medium-term strategic objectives:

C-BRTA Strategic Objectives:

  1. Improve institutional performance and governance
  2. Improve non-financial performance reporting
  3. Participation in border operations increased
  4. Cross-border industry partnerships developed
  5. Entrepreneurship and capacity building for SMMEs in the transport sector
  6. Industry Partnership Development Plan (IPDP) rollout
  7. Improve client relationship management and implement a client feedback mechanism for all services
  8. Standards and procedures harmonised
  9. Operator compliance improved
  10. C-BRTA mandate reviewed
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