Application Procedure

Overview of Regulatory and Permit Application Services

The main function of the Regulatory Services is to regulate the cross border road transport through the issuing of cross border permits which are issued as per the Cross-Border Road Transport Act 4 of 1998 as amended. These permits allow the cross border operators to conduct cross border road transport business in South Africa and the neighbouring countries. Therefore, it is important for all operators who are conducting cross border business to have a cross border permit in order to comply with the cross border road transport Act.

In an effort to offer quality services which suit the needs of our different customers who run different cross border road transport business operations, the C-BRTA offers different types of permits for passenger and freight road transport operators. These are categorized as follows;

  • Goods Permits
  • Bus Passenger Permits
  • Taxi Passenger Permits
  • Tourist Passenger Permits
  • Organized Group Permits
  • Cabotage Permits

In addition, the permits also differ in terms of validity duration so as to suit the needs of our operators. This is because the term of cross border business operations may differ from an operator to operator. In order to respond to these customer needs, the Agency offers temporary permits as well as long term permits. The prices also differ in terms of type and duration of permits. Please refer to the permit fees.

It is important for current and prospective cross border operators to understand the definitions below as they relate to different permit types and related regulatory conditions.

Important definitions for new cross-border entrants as per Cross-Border Road Transport Act 4 of 1998 as amended;

‘Cross-border road transport’ means the transport of passengers and their personal effects or freight for reward or in the course of an industry, trade or business, to or from the Republic, crossing or intending to cross its borders into the territory of another state or in transit across the Republic, or the territory of another state with a vehicle on a public road;

‘Cabotage’ means transport undertaken on a public road by a foreign carrier with a vehicle which involves –

(a)  the onloading and offloading of freight or passengers between two points in the Republic; or

(b)  the onloading of freight of passengers in the Republic for conveyance to a third state which is not the state of registration of the vehicle used for such transport and where such state of registration is not traversed;

‘Reward’ means any reward or compensation whether monetary or otherwise received in terms of a contract concluded for the hiring of a vehicle and a driver or the hiring of a vehicle and the separate hiring of a driver.’

‘Vehicle’ means-

  • in relation to cross-border freight road transport, any mechanically-propelled road vehicle or combination of vehicles which is constructed, adapted or used for the carriage of freight and which exceeds a maximum gross of 3 500 kg;
  • in relation to cross-border passenger road transport, any mechanically-propelled road vehicle which is constructed or adapted for the conveyance of passengers or any other vehicle which is used to convey passengers;
  • in relation to cabotage, any mechanically-propelled road transport vehicle and, in the case of a combination of vehicles, also a trailer and semi- trailer, which are regarded as separate vehicles.

The Structure of the C-BRTA’s Regulatory Services Centre

Front Public Office
The office receives, processes and approves cross-border permit applications brought by walk-in-applicants. These applicants come in person to either apply, collect issued permits and to enquire about the cross-border services. All persons coming to collect issued permits should produce an authorization letter from the permit holder.

Back Office
The office receives, processes and approves cross-border permit applications received by a dedicated e-mail address, fax machine or registered post.

Postage Service
The back office issues permits and prepares them for postage using speed service (overnight delivery) at a cost of R90.00 excluding permit costs.

Cash Bay
This office receives payment from compliant applicants in cash, bank debit cards, credit cards and bank guaranteed cheques made out to cross-border. This means applicants can pay directly to the cashiers who are based at the C-BRTA Head Offices.

Permit Refunds
The office provides refund service where applicable. For example, should the applicant be unable to proceed with an application for cross-border permit, a refund is afforded on request. Should you wish to apply for a refund, please download the form here (Attach refund form)

Banking Details         

First National Bank (FNB)
Account name: Cross-Border Road Transport Agency
Branch: Pretoria
Branch no.: 25-31-45
Account no.: 51421186945
Reference no.: New entrants use company identity number if the applicant applies under the company name, Identity number if the applicant is an individual. Existing operators use Cross-Border reference/account number.

Permit issuing turnaround times for compliant applications

office operating time

Permit application forms