Road Transport Inspectorate

The purpose of the RTI Division is to ensure compliance by operators with all cross-border road transport legislation as well as provisions of the SADC Protocol on Transport Communications and Meteorology. The strategic intent of the division is supporting the safety of freight operators and passengers in the SADC region through participation in National and Regional road safety structures. The Division is structured to perform the following functions:

  • Law Enforcement and External Activities – conducts countrywide physical road side inspections to ensure compliance with all cross border road transport legislation as well as provisions of the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communications and Meteorology. This is achieved through strategic/intelligence driven deployment of inspectors along targeted areas and routes.

    In addition compliance is achieved through joint law enforcement operations with other law enforcement authorities both in the country and the region. The unit through its external activities also ensures collaborations with other law enforcement authorities and industry stakeholders such as courts, sister Agencies and so on to ensure sustained relations and support towards each other in the attainment of their legislative mandates and requirements.

  • Law Enforcement Profiling – responsible for profiling of routes and operators and the generation of intelligence-based information used for strategic planning and deployment.
  • Road Safety – RTI is a member and participates actively in various national and international road safety structures such as Road Incident Management Systems, National Technical Committee (RIMS-NTC), Road Safety National Technical Committee, SADC Law Enforcement Technical Committee and supports initiatives by the National Department of Transport and other sister Agencies in combating the scourge of road crashes.

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