Facilitation and Industry Development

Facilitation and Industry Development (FID) is tasked to facilitate the establishment of co-operative and consultative relationships and structures between public and private sector institutions with an interest in cross-border road transport. These relationships and structures are used are platforms to resolve constraints and challenges facing cross-border operators along the transport corridors into the neighboring countries.

The division collects processes and disseminates relevant cross-border information to stakeholders with interest in the industry. FID also facilitates the provision of training, capacity building and the promotion of entrepreneurship in respect of small, medium and micro-enterprises with an interest in cross-border road transport.

The above facilitation functions are aimed at improving the unimpeded flow by road of freight and passengers in the region; reducing operational constraints for the cross-border road transport industry as a whole; empowering the cross-border road transport industry to maximise business opportunities and to regulate themselves incrementally to improve safety, security, reliability, quality and efficiency of services.